Ride for a Reason

Finding the stories that matter and the people that write them

Since we began in 2015, the number of people we’ve been privileged to serve with our day program is also now going to offer permanent residential housing for our guests. By sponsoring this ride across the country -- The Ride for a Reason -- you will be helping to give a home to some truly awesome individuals.  Thank you so much for considering a donation and please download the press release for more details.

 So what is our reason to ride?  All over this country there are people dedicated to making an impact in the lives of some very special people. They offer an opportunity for adults with various mental disabilities, to take ownership in a job well done and know that they are true contributors to their community. As we carve our way through 48 states in 10 days, with a documentary crew in tow, we want to find these business owners / organizations that put love and compassion first.  Our Goal, just to shake their hands and say thank you for reaching out beyond yourselves to give opportunities to some very capable and willing people, adults with mental or physical challenges are people with passion, a lot like you and I.  We can't wait to hear their stories and bring attention to the inspiration they are to their communities.

.... that's our reason to ride!


Route Details

10 Day Route and Stop Information

Evening Stops                                 Gatherings

Day 1 - Leaving Bellows Falls VT

Day 2 - Leaving Middletown VA

Day 3 - Leaving White Oak GA

Day 4 - Leaving Pine Bluff AR

Day 5 - Leaving Clayton NM

Day 6 - Leaving Provo UT

Day 7 -  Leaving Lakeview OR

Day 8 - Leaving Missoula MT

Day 9 - Leaving Rapid City SD

Day 10 - Leaving Waterloo IA

Day 1 - New Haven CT

Day 2 -Elizabethton TN

Day 3 - Jackson MS

Day 5 - Salt Lake City UT

Day 7 - Walla-Walla WA

Day 9 - Sioux City IA

Day 10 - Home

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Sponsorship Information

Bethesda Farm | PO Box 328 | Allendale, MI 49401

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