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What's Your Challenge

Finding the stories that matter and the people that write them.
In all 48 states!

July 12-21, 2021

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 So “What’s Your Challenge?" From our perspective, challenges generally come in 3 different forms; the Innate, the Ambush and the Self-Inflicted.  The innate are those who have challenges from birth. Their challenge is their way of life. Their lives are a daily response of determination. Then there’s the Ambush.  These are the ones that we didn’t see coming. They generally demand immediate attention at the worse possible times.  Now, the more adventurous, self-inflicted challenges. Generally these are statements of passion and faith.  It’s a journey that find the edge of possibility and then push it just a little bit further.  It’s an important question and one that deserves some thought… and a response.  The question is engaging and quite possibly life changing.


Since we began in 2015, the number of people we’ve been privileged to serve with our day program is also now going to offer permanent residential housing for some of our friends that attend our program. By sponsoring this ride across the country you will be helping to give a home to some truly awesome individuals.  Thank you so much for considering a donation and please download the "Riders Information" for more details.


Route at a Glance


Target Schedule

Day 1 - Leaving Bellows Falls VT

Day 2 - Leaving Middletown VA

Day 3 - Leaving White Oak GA

Day 4 - Leaving Pine Bluff AR

Day 5 - Leaving Clayton NM

Day 6 - Leaving Salt Lake City UT

Day 7 -  Leaving Lakeview OR

Day 8 - Leaving Missoula MT

Day 9 - Leaving Rapid City SD

Day 10 - Leaving Waterloo IA

Day 10 - Arrive Allendale MI

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