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game tables for team building activities, a computer station for emailing friends and family, as well as, a comfortable sitting area for one on one time or if our guests just want to relax, read or talk.






In the summer months, we turn to more outdoor activities such as animal care therapy, gardening, field games and just plain hangin’ out in the sun. Being farm-based there’s always an animal with-in reach.




















Monthly field trips allow our participants to gain valuable interaction with the community.  One example of this strategy will be barista coffee opportunities. We will offer service to various companies and storefront retailers to offer coffee, espresso, and cappuccino for their customers.  These would be 2-hour periods that will give our guests great social interaction. This offers the opportunity for our guests to take ownership and pride in their abilities.


Our capacity for enrollment is 10 guests per day.  We prefer a minimum of 2 days per week for each guest. We are currently filling our schedule and accepting applications for participation here at Bethesda Farm.   Our hours of operation are 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday. Please contact us with more details for enrollment here at Bethesda Farm.



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We offer activities that reveal potential.  Our initiatives are designed to “enjoy the challenge” of gaining ground.


So here’s what we do. We are equipped with 6 established stations for involvement offering hobby crafts, coffee roasting, candle making, photography and seasonal gifts. Together, these stations produce product that our guests engage in creating and distributing through craft shows and local businesses. We have

We Engage With:

  • social interaction,

  • sensory/animal care therapy

  • memory exercises

  • challenge fine motor-skills

  • individual focus

  • teamwork



We Guide With:

  • patience

  • trust

  • spiritual convictions

  • compassion

  • a personal desire to serve

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